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Venture Development Projects


C-level Innovation Management Consulting


Igniting Growth & Transformation with Sustainable Materials,

Products & Processes


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Venture Development Projects

Creating Disruptive Customer Value 

We create new ventures at the intersection of disruptive innovation & sustainable development.

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C-level Innovation Management Consulting

Supporting Growth & Transformation

We provide guidance, coaching and interim leadership with proven approaches to strengthen strategic focus, customer-centric development partnerships, and pipeline value & execution.

What Sets Us A Part:

Innovation leadership experience that has ignited new markets and transformational growth with businesses ranging from global industry leaders to startup ventures across a wide range of markets.


Meet Todd Summe

President & Founder
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Todd founded ENCENDIA based on the transformation potential of diverse innovation experts and organizations.  He has curated a unique network of highly accomplished companies, executives, and experts with track records showcasing their specialties in creating innovation and business ventures. 

"I assure all of our clients, your trust will grow rapidly as we discover, innovate, and transform your business opportunities.  That can be a difficult leap of faith early on ... but I look forward to earning your trust." - Todd Summe

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